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Hello all! So glad you are here to view my very first blog. What better place to begin than by sharing with you some exciting music news. I'm happy to say after 30 years of writing for other artists, I finally released an album of my own. KEEP ON LOVING YOU is a fun, retro CD containing 10 original songs I wrote and recorded back in the Eighties. Three of these songs - “You Make Me Feel Good All Over,” “Don’t Play Games With Me” and “Yo Yo,” - were co-written with the late Horace Linsley, whose songs have been recorded by such greats as Paul McCartney, Buddy Holly, Don McLean and Sarah Vaughan. “I’m Ready” and the title track, “Keep On Loving You” (which can be heard in Ash Christian's feature film, PETUNIA, 2013) were co-written with singer/songwriter/producer extraordinaire, Sandy McKnight. Thirty years in the making, KEEP ON LOVING YOU is finally here, bringing the heart and soul of the Eighties to a new generation, as well as to those of us who were there. Hope you enjoy it! And don't forget to check out PETUNIA. You can catch it on iTunes and NETFLIX, and the DVD is now available at Wolfe Entertainment. You can hear my song, "Keep On Loving You," in the opening wedding scene. See ya!


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