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Click on the arrow and take a listen to some of the songs on Joni's latest children's music CD, WE CAN MAKE THE WORLD GO ROUND!!

The Rainforest - Joni Klein-Higger
Friendship - Joni Klein-Higger
Buckle Up Those Seatbelts - Joni Klein-Higger
Willie The Worm - Joni Klein-Higger

Her song, "Keep On Loving You", which she co-wrote

with Sandy McKnight, can be heard in Ash Christian's

2012  Feature Film, PETUNIA.


Keep On Lovin' You" - Joni Klein-Higger

Joni's songs range from ballads, country and rock '
roll to children's, religious, and musical theater. Her children's music CD, WE CAN MAKE THE WORLD GO ROUND, features nine songs in various musical styles, ranging from blues and reggae to new age, rock and vaudville. Her song, "Buckle Up Those Seatbelts," is a USA Songwriting Competition Award Winner. WE CAN MAKE THE WORLD GO ROUND is available at
CD, itunes, amazon, and other online music stores.


KEEP ON LOVING YOU is a retro music CD filled with ten of Joni's favorite ​songs she wrote and

recorded back in the 80's.


Children's   Musicals


by Joni Klein-Higger

Guardian Angel Publishing


​​Recycle is an original musical Joni created to instill in our youth the importance of recycling and taking care of our earth. In this musical, a "nutty professor," Professor Rosco, transports modern day kids back to the 1950's and compares the ways of today's "disposable generation" to kids living in the 1950's before plastic bags, aluminum cans and water bottles were a part of our everyday life. This fun magical 30 minute musical is perfect for elementary schools, religious schools, youth groups, and "socially aware" children's organizations to perform.













Land Of Lost Socks

By Jane Tesh

Music and Lyrics by Joni Klein- Higger

Guardian Angel Publishing

When Joel's older brother tells him to get lost, Joel really gets lost! Amelia Earhart, the Lost Colony, and the Anazasi people are some of the famous historical mysteries Joel learns about when he is befriended by two lost socks, Tube and Argyle, in a land filled with missing things.












by Jane Tesh

Music and Lyrics by Joni Klein-Higger

Guardian Angel Publishing


Red Writing Hood discovers that with the help of a magical pencil and paper, she can save herself from the Big Bad Wolf. But when she starts meddling with
other fairytales, she turns Fairy Tale Land upside down. Join in the fun and follow Red Writing Hood on her musical journey.

















Everybody, Let's Recycle - Joni Klein-Higger
"Everything You've Ever Lost" - Joni Klein-Higger
"I Love To Skip Along" - Joni Klein-Higger
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